I don’t just want to inspire you. I want you to become who you are meant to be and make an impact on this world.

You are never too old, too busy, or too broke to dream a new dream!

If there’s someone who knows first-hand about struggling and surviving, it’s me. 

During the 2008 recession, I was laid off from a job in a prominent law firm. Two years later, at 28, I changed my career from law to psychology. 

I juggled 2 part-time jobs, an internship, and raising my 3 year old daughter while studying. But it all paid off when I graduated with full honors in my Master’s in Mental Health counselling.

I worked as a mental health counselor at a substance abuse clinic, until I got laid off again in 2014. This was it. I had enough! I decided to jump into the driver’s seat of my destiny. 

So Instead of signing up for government unemployment assistance, I joined a program called the Self Employment Assistance Program. One year later, I incorporated myself in New York & begun to bootstrap my business. When my life took a turn for the worst, I relocated from New York to Florida with my daughter for a fresh start.

I had no job, no apartment, and only two suitcases. I had to start over and rebuild my life... Again. 

I incorporated myself in Florida, and had a grand re-launch of my business on stage at a women’s conference in New Orleans. 

I often felt defeated, scared and overwhelmed. I often thought of quitting, but I never did. Why? 

Because I knew that now, for the first time in my life, I was on the right track to answering my calling. 

My work fulfills and excites me—no matter how many challenges come up. I keep drawing up vision boards and journaling my dreams until they materialize.  

In addition to a thriving online therapy and coaching practice, I’m invited to write, speak and facilitate workshops on mental health, personal development, wellness in the workplace, career growth and business mindset. 

I still can’t picture myself doing anything else for the rest of life!!! 

And now, I’m here to help you do what I did. Conquer you life and worries—minus all the anxiety, doubt, and heartache of course.