My Story

Deep inside my spirit, I was always knew, I was being called to become something…. to do something…MORE, but was never really sure what it was…thought is was becoming a lawyer.

……for many years, I tried to mute, block and delete my calling… because of doubt and fear.

Have you ever felt confused about who you are, what you want to become, what you are being called to do but you feel fearful?

This fear is the reason that you are NOT performing with excellence, you didn’t start the business, you aren’t making money?

Today, I am “The Entrepreneurs Performance Coach”, I empower women to overcome their fears as an entrepreneur to confidently launch and grow new businesses.

As a former public access TV/Radio Show Host for Career Therapy with Seneca Williams, I interviewed professional women on their journey to overcome their doubts, fears and life challenges to leave their 9-5 and become successful entrepreneurs.

I feel blessed, to help women transform their mindsets so they can pursue and achieve their deepest desires and long term goals for their life and career. It's the most fulfilling work I have ever done. I thank God daily for this opportunity. 

When I was growing up and as I got older, I heard people talking about following their calling and living in their purpose.

Can I tell you how confusing that is?  But all I could think of was following my calling and finding my purpose.

I was once interviewed for a radio show and asked "What is the difference between a job and a career?" 

I said, without hesitation. "A job is a BOYFRIEND, A career is a HUSBAND."  YES, looking for Mr.Right, was the most frustrating feeling ever. It made me sick! I wanted to find something that I loved, for a lifetime.

In the 28th Chapter, I decided to answer my calling and change careers from Law to Psychology. I returned to college as a single mom with a 3 year old and obtained a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, a Certification as a Professional Coach and a Certification as a Journal Writing Facilitator.


I was born in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, a small island in the West Indies (it's a tiny dot on the map) in the Caribbean Sea.

I love my Caribbean culture, especially my soca music! You'll find me at Carnival, at the beach, or eating some Roti (you should try it).

I visit the islands as often as I can, to enjoy the culture, sun, food, music, white sand beaches, with clear blue water.

Can you tell I love it?

My parents migrated to Brooklyn, New York in the early 80's, as many did, to pursue the American dream. They both worked city jobs and did very well for themselves. I called Crown Heights, Brooklyn my home for thirty something years. "Spread Love, It's the Brooklyn Way! Biggie"

Growing up, I knew that I wanted to do more, be more with the foundation my parents laid for me. I always wanted to have more than a 9-5 or a city job. I wanted to do more than just clock in and clock out or live paycheck to paycheck.  I wanted purpose, fulfillment and to have control of my future lifestyle, career and finances. 

But how was I going to achieve what I was dreaming, hoping, praying for....

I had a long, confusing, frustrating and downright disappointing career journey lasting 10 years. I went from wanting to be a lawyer, since I was 5 years old like Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show to pursuing real estate, finance, nursing, failing many times, to end up back to my one true love, psychology.

I got a Bachelors' in Psychology in 2004.

But four years after, I was still confused. Frozen by fear, focused on others opinions, people pleasing blocked any real growth.

I prayed about it. Asked God to use me, which led to me getting a Master's in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College, CUNY in 2012. It was an amazing journey of exploration. It wasn't an easy journey. I have experienced great joy and immense pain. 

It was a long road getting to where I am today, filled with failures and pit stops, disappointments, heart breaks, anxiety and depression. I am an exception to the rule and have overcome the statistics.

The life experiences I had in Brooklyn, New York didn't break me, it made me. I spent a few years providing mental health services in NY, until I was called elsewhere. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the flavor, the energy, the history, the sophistication of New York City BUT I am--and always will be--an island girl at heart. I knew that one day I would end up living in a warm climate. You could say, I have been orchestrating my relocation to the Sunshine State (Florida), ever since my parents turned me down, when I was a kid.

I now call South Florida home, where I live with my tween daughter and our pet fish. 


I realized at an early age that life is not just about me and because of this, I enjoy volunteering and helping others UP. When you step up, you have to reach back and lend a hand.

  • In the past 10 years, I have partnered with several organizations in New York and raised thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence through fundraisers and walks.

  • I organized a Meetup group for Mothers and Children called "The Hotmylk Project" in New York.

  • I also organized a Meetup Group "Empowered Ladies Lead" in South Florida.

  • I have facilitated fundraisers for AIDS, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence. I have also volunteered for the democratic party, families impacted by incarceration, homeless mothers, and underprivileged children.

  • I also make time to give back to my home church, because without my faith, I would not be who I am and where I am.

My most recent 'Pay It Forward' was in South Florida, where I partnered with Wines for Humanity to raise $500 for Women in Distress, the only nationally accredited, state certified, full service domestic violence shelter serving Broward County.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

Now, I aim to pay it forward, through a portion of the proceeds from my business because when I help a client, they will be helping someone in need too.

My desire is to grow a professional network of women, who seek personal development through empowerment events, socializing and retreats. 



I try to live each day to the fullest and be present in the moment taking things one day at time. I have survived more than one near death experience, which makes me appreciate life so much more because I know how fragile life can be. I moved to the place I fell in love with the first time, I went to Disney World, with my mother at 8 years old. No more shoveling for me, baby! I joined the Salt Life, I try to make to the beach at least once a month.

Life is an adventure, take good notes and lots of pictures!

I enjoy spending quality time with the people I love. I enjoy food, friends and fun.

I LOVE to travel. I have been on at least 10 cruises and plan to go on a bunch more! One item on my bucket list is to travel throughout 6 continents (I can skip Antarctica) and flying an airplane (Yikes!).

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