Break out of your shell and enter the business world with confidence.

Start and run your business like a true professional

I’ll let you in on a secret: starting a successful business never happens by mistake. 

It’s all about making the right decisions from the very beginning. 

But what do I mean by professional?

It doesn’t mean you need to return to school and earn an MBA, or get a second degree in entrepreneurship…

It simply means going against your first instincts. 

Just like jumping into a different line at the supermarket check-out may make you feel faster, but actually slows down your journey, what seems natural at first may actually be completely counter-productive.   

 How many of these have you’ve done before?

  • Asking friends and family for advice, to promote your business, (or even worse… buy your stuff)

  • Setting up a website and social media, then sitting back and waiting for business to come through (you need to promote, people!)

  • Not being clear about exactly what your business is about, and just trying out new ideas on a whim

  • Straight up procrastinating to avoid doing what’s really important

  • Trying to sell using facts and figures exclusively (which is what most business courses focus on) instead of emotions 

Buying is, in reality, an extremely emotional experience. 

Think about traveling to Paris!!!

Do you sit down with a list and write down the costs and benefits of such a trip?

Of course not!

You make a decision based on your emotions. What will it feel like to be in such a beautiful city filled with a rich history? What will your friends think when they see those breathtaking pictures of you in front of the Eiffel Tower? 

Traveling to a major historical destination with money to splurge will definitely make you feel accomplished.

And because of this, you won’t decide to visit Cleveland just because it’s cheaper or closer to home. You’ll work hard and save up to visit and breathe in the City of Love for yourself. 

You may be surprised to realize that this didn’t happen spontaneously either. It’s the result of careful and consistent marketing by airlines, France’s government and tourism industry, and even travel agencies. 

The same goes for Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, and any other brand that stands out. 

And tapping into the power of this careful design is just one of the things the 90 Day Mastermind Group will help you tap into.



You’ll walk through everything about starting a business

From figuring out what to sell, to marketing and positioning your business to stand out in a crowded market. You’ll learn not just to make one or two sales, but to design a solid and sustainable business that’s built to grow.

But first, a little bit about you

You are an ambitious, working woman who wants to break out of your shell and share your business with the world with confidence.

You have great ideas, goals and dreams for your career which are no longer being fulfilled by your job.

You don’t just want to have lots of cash in hand (which will be great), but you also want to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. 

You want to do something fun, creative and meaningful, that also makes a difference in the world.

You want to take control of your life. Decide when, where, and how you work, and seize control of your standards of living by being paid what you’re worth.

And you want to do all this, while spending quality time with your loved ones, and having the resources to travel, explore the world and feel happier with life. 

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do



Hey Conqueror, I’m Seneca

Photo Credit: Phillip Wells

Photo Credit: Phillip Wells

I’m here to help you mold your dreams into reality. To take your vision for life and carve it into a solid action plan. To help you break free of your limiting thoughts and feelings, and set you on the path to answering your calling. Not someday in the future, not when the time is right, not when you’re ready—today

To do this, I’ve put everything I’ve personally used to start and run a successful online business into a three month program, you can access in the Conquer your Calling Mastermind Network for women entrepreneurs.

It’s designed from the ground up to transform you into the person you aspire to be, then get you the results and lifestyle you want. Now that we know exactly what your goals are, I’ll show you how we’re going to get you there.



The Conquer Your Calling Mastermind Network

… Is an online community of women like you, ready to conquer their fears & launch their very own successful online business in as little as three months.

This Online Network is designed to help women like you answer your calling and overcome your doubts to starting a business by getting support from guest-experts in mindset, law, web design, business accounting, etc.

Even if you are a busy woman, a mom, a wife, have a full-time job you can start a business, using just 15 hours a week—after-work & over the weekend.

The goal is to get you to match your full-time income and earn $3,000-$10,000 a month running your online business, while working from home and maintaining your quality of life.

This mastermind network is developed with “The 4 C’s for Business Success”

  • Courage: Reduce doubts, fears & insecurities about starting a business.

  • Clarity: Identify what you want, your ideal client, niche and target market.

  • Consistency: Learn and practice skills for time, organization & consistency.

  • Community: Join other aspiring entrepreneurs for accountability & support.

Topics Covered

Conquer Your Mindset: Develop a business mindset of a successful entrepreneur, so you manage your fears in business.

Conquer Your Calling: Developing the foundation of your business. Mission & Vision Statement. The Business Plan. Legal Protection.

Conquer Your Niche: Get clarity on who you are supposed to serve, by focusing on your “Why?” Target your ideal clients, build a tribe.

Cash Out Your Calling: Get paid for your passions. Learn how to package your talents, without fear of charging your worth.

Conquer Your Business: Get organized and consistent with business operations, to improve your productivity and profit.

Conquer Your Marketing: Get confident showing up on social media to build your personal and online brand & marketing.

How will it work?

Live Group Q & A Calls

90 Minute Group calls with the entire group and coach to answer questions to help you feel informed, supported and on track with your goals. This is your chance to also support your mastermind accountabuddies.

BONUS Calls with Guest Experts

60 Minute Q&A Meetings to learn business fundamentals of launching or growing your business, so you feel informed and prepared to create a successful online business now.

Each expert can provide the information and tools you need:

  • Mindset to develop a growth mindset and push past your emotional limits.

  • Legal to discuss the business entities, contracts, copyright, trademarks, etc.

  • Leadership to learn leadership skills to grow and maintain your audience.

  • Finance to discuss how to manage your cash flow and prepare for tax season.

  • Branding/Marketing to learn how to brand yourself & best marketing strategies.



What else do I get?

As part of the Conquer Network, you also get additional high-value extras to ensure you’re on the right track. 

Bonus #1: Two personal 1 on 1 calls with Seneca for Assessment & Review (60 mins)

You’ll have 2 strategy calls with Seneca at the beginning and end of your 12 weeks.

(Value $300)

Bonus #2: Daily Online Messaging Support (12 Weeks)

Accountability messaging with Seneca to keep you on track with your progress.

(Value $1,500)

Bonus #3: Discount for 1 to 1 Premium Coaching Package for Personalized Support

Work one on one with Seneca, for ongoing support on your business mindset and business performance skills.