Seneca Williams is a therapist and coach that empowers women to be pursue their best lives, their best careers and loving relationships. 

I knew that I wanted, a successful career, a nice home, to travel, to feel happy and be free! But the reality of life hit, the setbacks, breakups, job loss, family drama, LIFE. What I wanted seem to go further and further away. Doubt and fear took over. I HAD to make a change. I could NOT let my dreams die. 

Can you relate?

In the Glambitious Guide to Being An Entrepreneur, I am a a co-author with 14 other Glambitious women, who overcame their doubts, fears and obstacles to pursue their dreams. Together we share our stories, our doubts, setbacks, journey and our testimony and tips to empower you to go after yours. 

Is it time for a change? Are you tired of seeing everyone else win? Do you need support and motivation, but don't know where to start? Are you hiding, have a fear of failure?

Invest in a copy of Glambitious Guide to Being An Entrepreneur, many transformations begin with a good story. Your story could be the next to inspire. Ready to start your business but need to help conquer your fears.

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