Entrepreneurship is a great adventure

Imagine going on a journey by foot, without a map, walking alone, on a long, long….long road to the unknown

Sounds pretty scary right, that’s how I felt at the beginning of this journey.

At the fork in the road, there were two paths, practicality or purpose. I decided to focus on my excitement more than my fears.

Most people would probably plop down at the nearest rest stop, grab a burger and call it quits.

Call me a dare devil, I decided to keep on going down that road. (I just took the burger with me).

NO ONE, in my family was able to guide me on this entrepreneurship journey. All of my friends had careers, they were 9-5ers, none had businesses.

So who could I get directions from (not google)? Trust me, you can spend your whole life Googling “How to run a business?” but, it's just like moving around the pieces of a puzzle and still nothing really connects.

Embarking on this entrepreneurship journey, felt like I was preparing to jump out of a plane with no parachute!!!

When God called me to follow purpose over practicality, it felt like doomsday, until faith kicked in. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!"

After starting a business, I had lots of questions, lots and lots of questions. The truth is, everyday, I have a new worry or concern, not like an impeding doom, but I worry about doing the right thing, making good choices and following proper protocol.

Have you recently started a business? Do you have lots and lots of questions about growing your business too?

“Are you prepared for the journey?”

One thing I knew for sure, was that I didn’t want to quit, I’m giving this thing are real chance.

If I was going to make this work, if it’s going to be successful, I knew that I needed support.

If you don’t believe you are worthy, you’ll quit. If you are afraid to fail, you’ll quit.

First things first, mindset, I adopted a personal development lifestyle, which contributes to a growth mindset.

Upgrading your business, requires a growth mindset. Let me repeat. Getting to that next level requires you to grow your mind.

Running a business, is 100% mindset. If your mind, heart and soul are not completely aligned, you’ll give up.

Developing a growth mindset and managing your emotions, takes time, requires practice and consistency. 

You can spend all your money, your ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS, on the best business coach, the most expensive mastermind group or coaching program, but if you feel scared, anxious, sad, have low self esteem, fear failure, then it doesn't matter who you work with or how much you spend. 

If you don't get your mind right, you will live and die in your comfort zone, because nothing grows there. You’ll make excuses and blame everyone and everything for your downfall.

You need support to develop your business, but it’s critical that you have consistent support for your mindset and your mood.

Create a personal development lifestyle it will make your business development a lot easier and you’ll sustain your success.

“How do new business owners find their way?”

Successful business owners, know they need a solid support network of like minded individuals on the same journey. They also know that you can get further faster, when you have a team around you providing information, encouragement and guidance to building your business.


The most important thing, you need when starting or growing your new business is not the business plan, not business cards, not a logo, not even a website. The most important thing you need when you decide to level up, grow your business, is a really strong mind.

You need a growth mindset and resilience to get through those long days, lonely nights, challenges, climbs uphill and the overwhelming changes you may experience day to day.

You NEED to invest in your personal development and support. This includes self-care, wellness, mental health and physical health. Find the right programs and invest now.

Below I share with you some REALLY solid networks of support that I joined to get the support I needed. Some people refer to these networks as “tribes” somewhere you can feel understood and supported as you pursue your dreams and goals.

How do I launch a location independent business of my dreams?

Happy Black Woman Founder Rosetta Thurman 

For at least 2 years, I followed Rosetta’s Facebook group on entrepreneurship. I had launched a business in 2015, but by 2017, my life took a devastating turn and the business crashed before it launched.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, just fed up with myself and my life. I was ready to STEP UP, so I embarked on a 5 hour solo road trip to Tampa, FL from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to attend the Manifest Your Vision Retreat. I then joined the group coaching program Launch Your Business in 90 Days.

Do you feel confused about what your purpose is? Do you enjoy sisterhood and connecting to similar spirits? If you are looking for a tribe of truly supportive, inspiring and motivating women, look no further. 

I met Rosetta a couple years ago and she has been a personal and professional inspiration in my life and business. I have attended several of her retreats and events and worked with her in group coaching and her online academy. 

Check out her website, you make catch a glimpse of me manifesting or dancing! A Rosetta party is always a good time. lol

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My Results:

I launched my business in 90 days. I spoke on stage at the Launch Your Business Boot Camp Conference in New Orleans in 2017. I attended the academy for follow up support. I have met some GREAT business besties and business friends forever !! I highly recommend this tribe, if you are looking for a sister circle with like minded women ambitious, emphatic and supportive professionals and entrepreneurs. Tell Rosetta, that Seneca sent you!

I want to inspire others with my story and get paid!

Speak Your Gifts, Founder Kim Coles


You may remember her as the character Sinclair on the 90’s sitcom “Living Single”, yup Woo-woo-woo. But she’s more than an actress and comedian, she is an amazing public speaking coach and entrepreneur. I love this throwback picture which captures her warmth and energy.

Kim teaches entrepreneurs how to share their stories to inspire, educate and entertain.

I was seated next to Kim for lunch during a conference in New York and I LOVED her energy in real life. I never got the vibe that she was a “celebrity”. She is warm, down to earth and her coaching and teaching style is effortless. She is observant, has good insight and her feedback was constructive, effective and genuine. 

We worked together in her group coaching program Speak Your Gifts, which has the added bonus of a one on one consult session to design your specific signature talk. 

The way Kim tells her story is real, it's raw, it's emotional and it's funny. You instantly feel connected to her story. If she comes to your town, you definitely need to go see her.

When, I watched her on stage and she made the announcement to all those who want to learn how to "tell their story, without telling all their business" I signed up immediately. I worked with her program twice. 

Good thing I didn’t sign up for the other “speaking organization”, I went to one meeting and it was dryer than the sliced turkey meet in a hospital cafeteria. Well, let's just say it was not for me. 

Basically, I learned how to be a public speaker and still speak like myself. Kim emphasized being your "Youiest You". It works in my speaking, as well as counseling and coaching and in writing. It's hard not to be yourself, so why not be your BEST self. That's what she teaches you how to do, in Speak Your Gifts. 

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My Results:

One month after working with Kim, I was able to push past my social anxiety and speak on stage, when she spontaneously called on me to do a live testimonial at a women’s business conference. I have had numerous invitations to speak at workshops, events, conferences and corporate trainings. Although, I have spoken at unpaid gigs, I have also had paid speaking engagements. My most recent speaking engagement was at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. Her KimUnity, is filled with ambitious, supportive and fun women entrepreneurs, authors, coaches. Tell her Seneca, sent you.

I want to upgrade my business and network like a boss. 

Millenial Empire Builders , Founder Alexa Rosario 


After you start your business...then what? How do you actually network like a business owner? And ...BUILD!

I met Alexa in 2018, via a professional referral, by someone I met at a business networking event (see how that works).

She runs a thriving real estate business in addition to the Millenial Empire Builders Academy, a business development program for millennial. M.E.B as it’s also called, is run like a well oiled machine! 

Alexa, is super ambitious, driven and proactive. She puts her own experiences into her course offerings in the online academy. She's a young woman with an old soul, so she adds a new perspective to old school knowledge.

I have attended several live workshops, events and worked with her for business consulting.

There is also the online academy which is a LIBRARY of information that's curated for millenial entrepreneurs in mind. who want to build their businesses and their brand. I really like the dual format of in person workshop series and online courses. You get to meet peer business owners, face to face and if you miss the workshops, you can still keep up through the online academy. This is what business development for millenials looks like.

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My Results:
Alexa basically did a social media audit and onboarding audit for me. She made valuable suggestions for very small changes I can make to my website and social media. The result was an increase in consultations, that were booked straight through my website. I also gained about 200 new followers on Instagram with her tips on branding and content creation. Tell her Seneca, sent you!

I want to overcome my moody moods, stinking thinking & take action!

Seneca Williams Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Founder Seneca Williams 


Are you struggling with thoughts, emotions and behaviors from your past, that are holding you back, keeping you stuck for months or years despite ALL your attempts to move past it?

That is a good sign you need to seek therapy (not coaching). You need to empty the emotional baggage to make room for acquiring a growth mindset and emotional intelligence.

Do you have a difficult time communicating effectively, making decisions, setting achievable goals for your career plans? Then career coaching can help you become more consistent, organized, strategic and proactive. 

Are you a therapist considering going into online counseling or also doing coaching? I have consulting calls about how to get started.

Your entire life and business are run by your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors. 

So what kind of thoughts are running your life?

I help professionals and entrepreneurs, improve their mood, their minds and help them to take actions on their career dreams and goals.

Book a Free 15 Minute Consultation with ME here https://therapizedbysenecawilliams.clientsecure.me/client_portal

My Actual Client Results:

“Her calm demeanor was the first thing that got me off the ledge, so to speak. Seneca helped me work on my issues one at the time, and helped me work through trigger situations, dealing with the root problems, and unloading repressed feelings and old baggage. Seneca always checked on me when I'd get quiet, and she made me realized how important self care is for a healthier state of mind. “

“Seneca has helped me in so many ways. When I lost my mother she taught me how to deal with my grief. When my anxiety got the best of me she talked me down and helped me find my inner peace. When my depression was so over whelming and all I did was sleep and I hide myself from the world she taught me wake up and embrace the world and those around me and that there was plenty of life to live.”

“Seneca is down to earth, hears your concerns, and helps you come up with an action plan to help get you unstuck.”

Company for the Road

I believe that all women have the ability to succeed all they need is the appropriate information and a really great supportive network.

I've been able to get independent contract work and build my business so I know it's possible. I have an extensive list of entrepreneurs, best selling authors and even politicians in my network, who I can call, email or text if I need support of information.

They are always supportive and inspiring and I know I am no longer on this entrepreneurship journey alone. It's an ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROAD TRIP with my BFFs, Business Friends Forever! We can laugh, cry and build together. I honestly think that it's the reason I didn't quit. 

Do you have a business bestie or business friend forever? Are you part of a tribe? Do you work with a coach one on one?
If you join one of these tribes, I’d love to know what your experience was.

Journal Prompt:

What do you need to invest in now, finding a tribe, getting therapy or coaching? Why? How would it improve your current situation?