What is Stress?

I find it really strange that ‘we’ accept excess stress, as a normal part of our existence. In reality, too much stress for a prolonged period of time will lead to a mental and physical health breakdown.

Yes, Stress makes us mentally and physically sick! Don’t quote me, but Stress Kills!

We may develop some level of anxiety or depression and our immune system will deteriorate.

Stress is the belief that we cannot meet the mental or physical demands of our situation or our environment.

What is Self-Care?

You’d be surprise that some people don’t know what self-care means. Some people are also not sure what is classified as self-care.

Think about self care as anything that you do to maintain your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Self-Care Made Simple.

  1. What appeals to your five senses see, hear, taste, smell and touch?

  2. What makes you happy and makes you feel good?

  3. What can be part of a daily or weekly routine?

I’ve encouraged all my clients to FIRST work on their self-care routine.

I ask them “How are you functioning?” “Having trouble, eating, sleeping?” “Is it hard to stay focused, difficult to concentrate or feel impossible to complete simple daily tasks?”

We assess any deficits in their self-care. Most people are doing okay (but could be doing better).

You’d be surprised, how many people are not even eating 2 real meals a day, don’t drink water, not sleeping for more than 4 hours a night, not exercising or doing anything physical, besides going to and from work.

And let’s not even talk about fun…. who told adults they can’t play. We should have adult play dates.

Girls just wanna have fun! I need fun in my life, I don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect to enjoy myself.

One of the funnest adult play dates, I’ve had was an adult field day. We played in a park all day, played tug of war, raced, went down a huge inflatable slide, it was good old fashioned fun.

If there’s a color run or bubble run, I’m there, I’ll even wear a tutu! Call that my fountain of youth.

We run our mind and bodies into the ground, worry endlessly about things we have no control of and then wonder why we are stressed, burned out, anxious and depressed.

Stress management requires assessment and a plan.

I can always tell the difference in my mood, my performance and my body when I don’t do regular self-care.

I suggest that my clients have a “Selfie-Script” of some sort, so they can reduce their symptoms, calm down, feel more in control, feel happier, feel more focused. We achieve our goals when we feel balanced.

You don’t need a doctor, you can write your OWN prescription.

Journal Prompt:

Write a Self-Care Prescription. Try your prescription out for 7 days.

Write how do you feel today in your journal? Write how you feel on the 7th day.

Self-Script Self Care Prescription .png


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