It Was All a Dream

When I was a kid, grownups would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I always said "a lawyer".

I was fascinated by female attorneys, business women and professionals. I saw women in business, as superheroes. I used to take the train and watch them in their business suits with their briefcase, shoulder bag and sneakers (pumps were for the office).

Clearly, I did not become an attorney, although for a long time (high school until 27 yrs. old) it was all I thought of pursuing. I worked in the field of law only to realize, after getting a taste, it left me bitter.

When that dream died, I had to dream a new dream. Still wanting to be like those women I admired, still loving to advocate, to write and to be a major support, I would have to start over from scratch. After many failed attempts at finding the right career, my good friend, invited me to join her to complete a Master’s Degree at Brooklyn College. It was very close to the deadline, didn't know if I would make it in, but I did!

I would not have imagined, that as a single mother, with a 4-year-old, working 2 part-time jobs, I could graduate Magna Cum Laude and get inducted into the Psi Chi (Psychology) Honors Society. Moral of the story...NEVER EVER GIVE UP!


A Healer and a Secret Keeper

I am a "Master Secret Keeper" (that's what my daughter calls me). Clients share secrets, they have never told a soul, not even their closest family or friend, it's strictly confidential. It is an intimate relationship like no other. Counseling is about emotional healing. Coaching is about accomplishing dreams. I love to be a part of another person’s transformation.

We all want the same things. We ALL want to feel important, be productive and be loved.

As a kid, I would watch the news and always think, "there is a reason for that persons' bizarre behavior, no one is born that way." I always had an interest in understanding, why people do what they do. Growing up Catholic and Christian, it would be dismissed as an act of the devil or as they say in my homeland "obeah" which is like voodoo. Mental Health Counseling is still a non-existent field to the local health departments in St. Vincent, but very much needed. I hope to go back one day and spread awareness.

Mental health still has so much stigma and shame attached to it. My goal is to bring it mainstream.

My ultimate goal is promoting strengths based personal development around the world. I am a licensed mental health counselor in New York and Florida, a career coach and journal writing facilitator. I have completed 8 years of face to face counseling and two years of online counseling and coaching. I began working in 2009, with children with developmental disabilities, then patients with traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, criminal justice, men, women, couples, families, children.

I now specialize in working with professional women, accountants, dentists, doctors, entrepreneurs, nurses, lawyers, etc in maintaining emotional balance in their careers, seeking new jobs and changing careers. Men are welcomed too! Thousands of hours, hundreds of clients, over 30 countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, Egypt, Japan, Spain, South Africa, India, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. Thanks to technology, I am supporting all corners of the map! 


Rivers to Cross

I am fascinated by bridges because of what they represent. As an ambivert, leaning more towards introvert, I think and feel very deeply. I love strong and live hard, so my emotions run deep. Getting from point A to B wasn’t always easy. Therapy and coaching is the bridge to healing and achieving goals.

I have been where they (my clients) are, I have seen it from both ends. It’s a tightness in the chest, constant fear, sleepless nights, panic and worrying. The sadness that consumes and fills days with darkness, I know, because I have been there. You need a bridge. We have all had crosses to bear, experienced traumas and dysfunction that leads to despair.

I have failed, fell down, been betrayed, lied about, dumped, abused, laid off, rejected and ignored. I got up again, loved again, kept going, kept trying, kept winning.

I can look back and think on the times, I didn’t see a way out and I know because of this, I am equipped to lead others to their now and here, new beginnings, are old endings. Selah!