The One Thing I Did to Love Monday!

Sunday night, I could feel the knots in my stomach. I could feel the tightness in my chest, it started becoming hard to breathe. I felt it slowly coming: shallow breathing, heart pounding and a stiff neck. This was my indication that the weekend was over…Monday was coming.

I used to struggle every week with debilitating migraines, muscle spasms and stomach pains. This went on for weeks, months, years. I felt worried, overwhelmed all the time and life was feeling like I was serving a sentence. I would tell people in passing, "This job is not for me."

They would say be thankful you have a job. Be thankful? I am. But, I am not thankful for feeling like I am living in a painful prison physically and emotionally. I hated it.

I looked forward to Fridays and Saturdays and melted into the bed on Sundays. What kind of life is living for just 2 days of the week? I didn’t care what they said, there was no reason for me to wake up every morning feeling doomed and praying just to make it through another day. I thought, "This is not the life God promised me."

I was sick, really physically sick. No one really knew. I was able to get through the day, with a smile, appearing energetic and full of enthusiasm.

Seeking Help

It was time to get help. I wanted the promise: His plans are to prosper me, not to harm me, plans for hope and a future.

I first sought the assistance of my primary care physician, who referred me for testing and to various specialists. I even went through physical therapy, because I would wake up completely sick, unable to lift myself out of bed or turn my head.

After a battery of tests and all negative results, my primary care physician sat me down, looked me in the eyes and said “Seneca, what is stressing you out?” He told me, that I was experiencing severe tension headaches. The nerves in my neck were pulling so tight, it created intense headaches, it froze my body. He said, "Whoever or whatever is toxic, is bothering you, you need to get over it." It was a physical exam and therapy session all in one!

Physical and Emotional Distress

I didn’t associate this physical pain to emotional distress with my job, or the way my life was going, or relationships with the people in my life. It’s ironic, because I should, right? I am a therapist. I was in denial and needed another professional to set me straight.

I knew if I did not do something about my current state immediately, I would lose my mind!

I couldn’t quit my job on the spot, Lord knows I wanted to. Everything was telling me to get help. My body was telling me, I was imploding from the buildup of holding it together for too long without a release.


Lose Your Mindset

What did I do? I lost my mindset.

When I lost my mindset, I lost my negative, self-defeating, useless thoughts!

I didn’t want to stay at that job; it was temporary. Why am I getting so stressed out, doing so much that is harmful to myself? I was engaged in toxic interactions with toxic people, I had to let that go. I can love them from a distance.

When I lost my mindset, I gained the world. Losing your mindset takes practice, it takes time, and it takes commitment.

I had to rewire my thinking from what I believed, from what I was taught, from what others expected and what people tried to impose.

I stopped taking the prescription migraine medication, I quit physical therapy and started going to the gym, I ate healthier, I had more fun. (Side note, I started looking better.) I started asking, "Will this matter in 5 years?" I started processing what I really wanted.

I took this mental process to my journal, started setting some new goals, this time I got clear.

I was going to heal and I was going to love my life. I set an intention to ‘Love Monday!’ No matter what.

Time to Make a Change

When I lost my mindset, I started making a lot of changes. Which I am still improving on 'til this day.

I no longer cared so much about other people’s opinions of me.
I no longer compared myself to what others are doing or what they appear to have.
I no longer held on to things that do not serve my spirit or my purpose.

I learned to say No, more often.
I learned to listen to ME more often.
I learned to love me more.

I challenged myself to try something new.
I challenged myself to live life, like it was an adventure.
I challenged myself to trust in my Higher Power to guide and protect me.


Six Years Later

I haven’t had a migraine, muscle spasm, stiff neck or back problem in almost 6 years. I have been able to remain consistent with my changes. I no longer live for Fridays and no longer have an issue working on Saturday. When I lost my mindset, life changed drastically.

The funny part is, when July 4th fell on a Monday and Memorial Weekend was coming, Monday was no issue. I looked forward to those three-day weekends, when the holiday fell on a Monday. I guess, the problem was never Monday.

I created the 'Get Balanced: Love Monday! 90 Day Coaching Program' (6 Tools for getting through Monday to Monday) which are the actual steps I followed, that forever changed my outlook on Mondays and my life.

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Your Journal Prompt (Pen, Paper, 5 minutes)

What do you hate about Mondays? How is it impacting your work and home life? How is it impacting your health? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to change? Do you need help to Love Mondays? Do you need to lose your mindset?

I'd love to hear about your experience writing this journal prompt! Let's connect by email